Exploring the Definition of Travel

5 thoughts on “Exploring the Definition of Travel”

  1. The close proximity to each other occurred to me as well, nowhere to escape each other . However, you at least won’t have room to have mother in law moving in. Good luck with it all, can’t wait to see finished project


    1. Just realized who this is! Mothers, whether in-law or otherwise, are more than welcome. Though we’ll have to build you a second tiny house to park next to ours!


    1. Will you be writing about that?

      Absolutely. I’m curious how sharing this space will be, and will definitely be writing about that. The earlier floor plan we considered actually had a separate bedroom on the first floor (big enough for, say, a twin-sized bed, so I imagined it to be more an office or separate space for those times we’d need to “get away.”) Ultimately we chose a different plan without this extra room, and it will be up to us to set up the main room in a way that allows us to be in the same space, but not in each other’s way.

      I can create “alone time” when I’m working or writing on my laptop even when Nick is in the same room, right across from me or sitting next to me — I think that sort of space and environment is important, especially since I work from home. It’ll be interesting setting this up within 131 square feet, though 🙂


      1. To add to what Cheri said, part of the reason we discarded the floor plan with the extra (bed)room was that we felt it was trying to impose the structure of a “normal” house on to our tiny one. We decided it was best to full-on embrace the size; I mean, there’s no getting around it.

        As for having somewhere to escape each other, I think inherent within living in a space like this is the idea that your physical home is merely the center of a much wider and more encompassing definition of home, perhaps more like a territory. If we needed physical solitude rather than simply “alone time,” I guess one of us (or both) would leave the house and work / play / chill elsewhere for a bit.

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