Like a Child

20 thoughts on “Like a Child”

  1. Hello. Your quest to live life on your own terms is thought provoking and inspiring without being preachy. I found this blog through Writing Through the Fog and love following your journey. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. (I know your blog has more than 200 followers now, but it did not when I was making my ‘little list of nominees’ 🙂 and I have allowed myself to bend the rules a little ). Here is the link if you decide to accept it: . In any case, best of luck with your project. I will be following it with great interest!


  2. I went to your gravatar to send you a thank you for the FP. I saw this blog and was immediately distracted. So, first, thank you before I forget. Tiny Living! I am addicted to videos and blogs about tiny living. Have watched videos from around the world about it. I am fascinated by the downsizing to live better, bigger and fuller lives. I wish you well in this. And heck yes I would attend a tiny house shower. I think others would go to see how crazy you are and leave wondering……could I do this!

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    1. It’s been interesting to discover how many people we know have secret tiny house obsessions!

      Thanks for the comment.


      1. I read about them almost daily. SInce I saw this post I have found a publication that emails daily for tiny houses for sale. I love what people do with little spaces. And what people realize they don’t need. I hope you enjoy yours!!!


  3. More and more it seems that when people marry, have a child, etc. they have some sort of registry and they post where to buy them stuff. At first I thought this was weird. It is like saying “Hey! Buy me stuff here!” But as our lives get busy and cluttered, it is a relief to know where and what to get your friends in a time of need/new beginnings. I would go to a tiny house warming party if one of my friends had one. And I would probably volunteer to organize one big gift amongst the group of friends. 10 friends together could buy you an awesome set of solar panels.

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    1. That’s a really good point about friends clubbing together to buy something worthwhile. Thanks for the comment, and for the suggestion!

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  4. If you were a friend I would definitely be thrilled to come to your “tiny house shower”! First, it’s just so damn adorable. Second, why shouldn’t your great life event and your “baby” – your tiny house be celebrated.

    This post reminds me of a SATC episode where Carrie, after getting her shoes stolen at a baby shower, declares she is having a single-person shower in which she registered for shoes.

    I hope you actually decide to do it – and keep us updated!


  5. I think a Tiny House shower would be the coolest kind of shower to have. I would be giddy for it as a guest just for the novelty of it! Plus it would be really fun to support a friend in what I would say is as big a life event as getting married or preparing for a baby. I have a feeling the friends you and Nick have would feel similarly and would love to shower you with gifts for your Tiny House.

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  6. I would say yes to a shower party. Small, of course. After all it is for a tiny house.

    For years I have spent most of the summer school vacation in our small lake cabin in Maine. Bigger than your 131 sq.ft. tiny house but small. No washing machine either. It was sometimes annoying when my four kids were little, but we got to like the laudromat place where we would get a cup of coffee and leaf through the old magazines or do puzzles while our clothes spun in the machine. Everything in life has its advantages if we forget about what we had before.

    Unfortunately I don’t know any ranches in the San Mateo County.

    Enjoy this unique journey of yours.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. There was a laundromat near where we lived in San Francisco that had a bar and cafe attached to it and which often had bands, open mic nights, etc. Pretty cool place to wash your clothes!


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