Ruminations at the DMV

8 thoughts on “Ruminations at the DMV”

  1. I’m so relieved for you and Nick, Cheri. I think working on the parts you enjoy is the best strategy, really in all areas of life, whether your job, your hobbies, or your tiny house. Forcing yourself to work on the parts you don’t love makes you feel like you’re failing or makes you feel resentful, while handing those parts over so you can focus on the parts you’re excited about makes you, well, excited. I’ve been thinking about y’all and I’m so glad you’re able to steer your lives and your home in the direction you want now without feeling the pressure to build a house in the process 🙂

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  2. You know, sometimes it’s better to be realistic. Too much on our plates makes us edgy and unfocused. So, good for you for realizing that you can keep your project more managable if you rely on someone else for part of the job. Your trip plans sound fantastic, and you’ll enjoy them more if your are less stressed.
    Best to you, as always.

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  3. Had to laugh when I read the we don’t enjoy it line. It is such a huge job to jump into so is completely understandable. My sister always puts on shows where we live and I’m always in the band off to the side of the stage. A few months ago we had a small show going on and I told her that I needed to have fun so I was going to dance this time. She was really excited and all into it but a week into the rehearsals I was like I’m sorry I thought this was going to be fun but I hate it, and let myself be content with just doing the music end. Kind of wish I stuck with it, but at least I know how much work it is for the next time I get a chance…

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      1. I am driving thru to Oregon tomorrow–I will wave! Seriously, I would live to see you and Nick. I just got back from Spain & France, already planning for VietNam and Cambodia this winter… you 2?


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