Almost Finished!

31 thoughts on “Almost Finished!”

  1. I just fell in love…your place is amazing, Cheri!! What a wonderful job you two have done. Best wishes on your trip, return, and move into your new home.

    With thanksgiving,

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  2. This little house is absolutely lovely! A testament to good taste and love! What I admire most is that you two are able to live in such a small space and not get on each other’s nerves. The only person I was able to live in one room for any length of time was my husband: we were so very compatible. To find a young couple able to live in small spaces and still love each other is wonderful. Live long and happy together in that charming home!

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    1. Thanks! I like what you say here, because I feel that the uniqueness/unexpectedness of the space encourages imagination in all areas of life — not just in aspects of building and design. I’m looking forward to seeing how living in this house pushes me to adapt. It will be a challenge, but I’m ready for change and trying new things.


  3. I really love how the exterior staining came out. Could hardly wait to visit you in Sebastopol. I can bring my air mattress or will your host allow to pitch a tent close by :=))

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  4. One word: bravo!
    I’m sure that it must feel like a long time for you since your first post, announcing your Little House project. But for us who followed you it seems that an outstanding amount of work has been accomplished in a quite short amount of time.
    My favorite: the shower!
    But the attention to details through the entire house is evident and the result is lovely.
    I wish you and your husband many great days inside your new home and wherever the wheels will take you.

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      1. What you and your husband have done is really neat. The idea behind a tiny house is also very cool. It would have been hard for my family since we are too many people, but our cabin in Maine is small and I really like how we need to be creative in order to function in limited space. Your shower is stilly favorite! 😊
        And the porch, which was what you shared first online.
        Best to you.

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  5. I’m sure you are anxious to make it your own. Looks gorgeous empty, but I’m sure once you add your layer of collected memories, it will be even more inviting. Good luck in your adventures.

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  6. Looks great! I have seen the Rail/Train Caboose homes and they are nice too. I like plenty closet and storage space. I know I would have to invest in throw-away clothing and shoes. : )

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  7. CONGRATULATIONS, Cheri (and Nick). Your home, sweet home is looking mighty fine. Can’t wait to see it “planted” and the two of you too (for a while, anyway).

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  8. It’s gorgeous! I love the dark, weathered exterior – it looks like something out of a fairy tale – contrasting with the light, roomy interior. Best wishes in your new home!

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