Tiny House Worries Aren’t So Tiny

9 thoughts on “Tiny House Worries Aren’t So Tiny”

    1. Thanks for reading!

      We’re still working out the insurance kinks; this agent in Portland seems to be the only person in the country that is a legit option at the moment, and we’re figuring out if the plan offered is appropriate for us. As for the other worries, like extreme weather — well, we just need to be as prepared as possible. We don’t have a definite alternate spot to park it, although we have a few leads from people who showed interest in hosting us. But we’re hoping that we don’t have to think about that for now 🙂

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  1. The “minimalist fairy tale” appeal of the Tiny House is still in my mind, but you are also supplying a good dose of reality with the expectations and worries come with such a home. I’ve lived in condos for so long, where nothing really needs to be done…and I miss the housework. The place looks great, and seems to live great as well. Congratulations.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading. I’m in the middle of drafting a new post on continuing to settle in, and I deleted a bunch of stuff that sounded really negative; I don’t want to sound negative in each post, but it’s easy to come to a blog to rant about the downsides of an experience. “Supplying a good dose of reality” is a great way of putting it! If my observations are helpful to others, I’ll continue to write about it 🙂


      1. Yes, do not stop the rants or complaining as it is these thoughts that actually make the experience more real (brings going the Tiny House route actually closer to reality because of more rounded and realistic thoughts). This is a great learning process for you, and even better for us on the outside wanting in. Very cool for you to share (and I’ll owe you guys a bottle of wine or two if/when I make the plunge!). Cheers ~


  2. Thanks for your web site. I have an idea and although I have never tried it, I am certain it will work. I call it “Travel Trailer Hitch Hiking”. Just get someone to tow your trailer to the side of any road with a reasonable amount of traffic and stick your thumb out. Soon someone with a pickup truck and a trailer hitch will stop and give you a pull. It may be a short pull or a pull across country but someone will stop and pull you down the road. They may even want to take you out to dinner or home to meet their family and friends. What an adventure you will have. No matter how long it takes to hitch a ride you’ll always be at home.

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