The Space Between Home and Elsewhere

9 thoughts on “The Space Between Home and Elsewhere”

  1. lol I am also toying with the RV, might make more sense … thanks for these clues, still never met a person who has done tiny living. It’s very new here in Australia.


  2. You’ve really laid out this post well, and asking questions and sharing your perspective that I think many people (myself) have not considered. The sprinter van (RV) has been on my mind for a few years as well…each option have both pros & cons. One thing that I do find important is having a place to call home, because it makes travel that much better (knowing you have a place to return). Cheers!


  3. It’s tricky, isn’t it, to know for sure where we want to be? I’ve loved your tiny house from day one and I think it truly is gorgeous. Location, location, say realtors. You are travelers but still need a place to feel anchored without being burdened. Considering the cost of housing in California your choice remains smart. Travel as much as you can while you can do it. We all age and with age we change and perhaps the need for a more definitive place will come. For now? I would spend as much time as possible under the lovely little porch or in the bed under the handsome ceiling.

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  4. The thought process is very important–I’ve been tossing around the tiny house on wheels idea for the past year, but I’ve now settled on a tiny permanent tiny home at some point. I currently “own” my home as long as I pay the bank, but I’m more than ready to be mortgage free AND not have more house than I need. I have 1500 square feet full of CRAP that can go into a dumpster, and I’ve found that all I personally need is a good sized kitchen with decent storage space, an office space, entertainment/tv space, and a bedroom–all of which will probably fit into 500 square feet. The space that’s really needed is the acreage for a good garden, along with pasture and building space for for the chickens, sheep and goats.

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    1. I currently “own” my home as long as I pay the bank, but I’m more than ready to be mortgage free AND not have more house than I need.

      Yes. I’m glad you mentioned this. This is an aspect I’ve yet to focus on (owning our home with mortgage payments (which we currently rent out) vs. owning this little home outright). I’m not sure how to express and articulate my thoughts around this. I am grateful to be in a position to even “experiment” with my life in this way, so I want to be careful, too, of how I address things.

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  5. I love sharing your process this way. I especially love the comment about starting slow and maybe building a shelf instead…It’s funny how our minds get hooked on the big idea, and then nothing less will do! But how else can we have the insights if we don’t go all the way? We’ll never know, but I’d bet that shelf wouldn’t have satisfied you at all. 😉 Thank you so much for sharing such a personal process with us!

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  6. So interesting reading about the bureaucracies of what category your house fits. It seems odd (to me, a UK resident) that buying “off the shelf “fits one mould but customising what seems to be essentially the same doesn”t.
    Anyway, keep up the blog and glad you are not regretting this exciting though frustrating stage of your life.

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  7. You’re covering all of my fantasies here – thank you for sharing! I’ve got the ‘permanent’ home – a teeny one really – but fantasize about mobility, etc. This summer visited a friend’s tiny house and lasted less than 10 minutes before feeling claustrophobic. Look forward to following your continued adventures!

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