Hello, Autumn

7 thoughts on “Hello, Autumn”

    1. Thanks, Ressie!

      We started to use the heater a few weeks ago, here and there, on colder mornings. It works pretty well. We only keep it on for a bit (try not to use it longer than an hour.) We didn’t install it ourselves (we hired a builder), so I personally have no tips, but I’m sure you can find some tiny housers online who did it themselves 🙂

      Thanks for reading and visiting!


  1. Oh this is such a lovely home. I admire the way you are cleverly using every inch of space. The bathroom is still a favorite of mine! It’s always tricky to make a nice bathroom in a small place. The porch is, however, my favorite outdoor feature. Love the pumpkin color of the door, matching the season and the real pumpkin. And the writer/reader loves the & cushion and the bookshelves.
    Happy fall to you too!

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  2. Wow, it doesn’t look so small until you put people in the picture and then you’re like, oh my God it’s Tiny! So do you have your own private water tank? Do you have to truck water out there? Do you dispose of the toilet in the woods?

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    1. Currently, we’re hooked up to a garden faucet via RV hose, so we have running water (yay!) although we do our best to conserve, as there’s a finite source of water (from a well). (It’s possible water will be delivered at some point soon.) In a scenario where we’re parked on land with no water source, we do have an under-the-trailer water storage tank, from which we’d then pump water through the house.

      As for the compost bucket toilets, once filled, we seal them up and put them outside. When there are 4, that’s a good amount for us to dump them into a compost bin at the base of the garden. Dump, cover with lots of hay, let that sit and do its thing. Repeat. It’s the first time I’ve dealt with humanure — a learning experience. After a year, it’ll be broken down, rich with nutrients, and ready to be used in the soil. We’re grateful that we can do this on land that is not ours; we may be gone before our compost is even useable.

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