8 thoughts on “2015”

  1. The greatest things in life are taking chances, as this is where opportunities are made. Your foray into the lifestyle of Tiny Houses and writing about it has been a Godsend for many of us…opening the eyes beyond the romantic notions that are so easy to fall into. To bring out the true wonders and pitfalls of such a life. I still continue to dream of how a tiny house will fit into my long term plans 🙂 Cheers to a great 2016 of memories and happiness.

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  2. One of the hardest things in life, but maybe the most important, is to realize that even an ‘almost’ perfect place that makes us happy and whole won’t probably make us feel this way forever and that the tug for other places will always be there. This is why there are (in my humble opinion) the people who stay and the people who move. Both have their advantages and their issues. I regularly envy people who ‘belong’ to a place but I also know that moving abroad, living in urban, coastal and rural locations have allowed me to understand a little better how people live elsewhere. Whatever choice you and your husband will make you will always remember your little house as one of your most significant decisions in terms of housing. Meanwhile enjoy the chimney (I imagine it is an outdoor one!), a glass of CA wine and a good movie. Don’t forget to soak in the natural scenery. This is what remains etched in my memory, more than the house itself.

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    1. I, too, envy people who belong to a place!

      I do realize that this house-on-wheels is simply a vehicle (pun intended) for something larger: the life, the experience, all the aspects we discover while inside it…

      Thanks for your comments — they always remind me to stop and savor.


      1. Thank you for continuing the conversation, Cheri. I agree that this house of yours is meant as a step in your life journey. I tend to slow down more, now that I am no longer very young. Nature and small simple things mean often a lot more than they look like. But doing something significant like your big change when you left the city for Sebastopol matter too, since they allow us to move onto something different that again opens onto something else. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and have a peaceful holiday season with your husband.


  3. For newlyweds, the Tiny House adventure was a great undertaking. Especially in the U.S., we think bigger is better. And we need SPACE! Instead, you and Nick chose to live in a 131 square foot home. And you’re still together. Congratulations.

    Looking forward to the unfolding of 2016 for you and Nick and thanks again for sharing your journey with us.

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