Five Things to Change

9 thoughts on “Five Things to Change”

  1. good clues for me to be wary of Cheri – I’m planning a deck the same footprint of my tiny but will have to put it in place once I have my parking space. Having it attached to the tiny is very inconvenient for transportation. If its separate and movable it can be relocated detached.


  2. I love your tiny home and this post which contains unvarnished truth. It’s refreshing. Still, I think what I am applauding most is that you set your mind to building this and now here we are. The tiny house will evolve along with you. I’m looking forward to your discoveries in 2016!

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  3. I think it’s great that you’re able to critique your situation with honesty. It is far more helpful to people who may be wanting to do the same thing. It’s all a learning process, and that’s life. Great job on everything, though.

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  4. So honest and so right about having to live somewhere before you realise what will and won’t work. What is a farmhouse sink though? Keep up the blog, I look forward to reading it

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  5. I appreciate the honesty in your re-evaluation of your tiny house. It will be interesting what changes (if any) you make in 2016. Looking forward to another visit this year.

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