Powered by the Sun

9 thoughts on “Powered by the Sun”

    1. We got our Kyocera panels from Northern Arizona Wind and Sun a few years ago (not sure if they sell this model anymore). My husband found their site and forums really helpful. These ones are 39×64 inches each.


  1. This is something else ~ you are owning this process. Very impressive, and looking at the photos I wish I could be somewhere getting my hands dirty and doing something like this…these are the times I miss home. Your Dad is also just the perfect hero that great Dads can be, he reminds me of mine ~ loves a project, and of course as in your case taking care of his little girl. 🙂 You guys are definitely living the life – never suppose to be easy, and full of learning, experiences and creating. I’m a bit envious right now (in a good way). Cheers to a great many days of sunshine…

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    1. Thanks for reading!

      We’d be lost without my dad. For us, it felt stressful (did we estimate our power usage right? will it work? will we get sun? did we waste our money?). For my dad, it seems like it was just something to do in his free time. Anything to get him in his garage around all his tools, I guess! 🙂


  2. Whoa! That’s very specific for me, too much to comment. What I love, though, is what you write about the tiny house.
    “Most of this experience has been focused on alternative ways of living, and taking ideas from start to finish.”
    I find it relevant of our period of time with more people willing to have a better purpose of life and thriving to find ideas to perfect this concept.
    Best to you and your husband.

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  3. I’m reminded of what this tiny house really is: it’s less a tangible, static place to “live a dream,” and more a fluid yet controlled space to take risks.

    I really like this. Nobody ever learned anything without taking a few risks. Keep on Keepin on!!

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  4. Good job! It’s exciting just reading about it so I bet you all have a feelings of huge accomplishment and gratification. Lucky you for having a dad knowledgeable about electrical stuff….and more…

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