From Tiny to Small

21 thoughts on “From Tiny to Small”

  1. Hi there, I followed a link from the 2nd lesson of “Build a Business Website” but understood that the domain is no longer active. Maybe those lesson link(s) could be updated? Appreciated.

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  2. Cheri and Nick,


    I am a Ph.D. student in sociology at Indiana University and I am studying tiny homes for my dissertation (people living in them, legalization efforts, etc.). I am writing to ask if you would be interested in taking my Qualtrics survey? It’s short (about 10 mins), will really help me produce high-quality research, and you have the chance to enter yourself in a gift card raffle if you’re interested. I am especially interested in hearing from you since you lived in a tiny and are now transitioning back into a more conventional home.


    Contact me at or at 812-219-5214 if you have any questions or just want to confirm that I’m a real person and that the link is not spam. Thanks!

    Nik Summers
    Sociology Department
    Indiana University


  3. Thanks for letting us in on your thoughts and adventures. Simplifying is also something you do after you’ve cleared out a few estates and taken care of the saved treasures of others. My own savings have been edited altho not enough for 800 sq. ft. Learning about what we truly need is a constant challenge. Sharing with others help those you don’t even know.


  4. All that warmth from the wood, I like how the one shot makes it look like a Tiffany lamp. God, 131 to 800 square feet. You and Nick must really love one another, and funny to find newfound fascination in poop in one’s 30s. If it helps (though it doesn’t sound like you need it), our first house in West Seattle was a bungalow built in 1919 as a beach home, so pretty sparse, and like 900 square feet (have to go outside and down to a basement that floods) to do the laundry. And man, we miss it. But it’s funny, when we tried to entertain and always wanted more space, less people having to eat in their laps kind of thing. “Grown up.” It’s boring. You know it, I’m just telling you as a kind of confirmation bias or something. The poop probably gets old after a bit, too. Bye — thanks for the nice post Cheri.

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  5. This lovely property was meant to be for you and Nick as everything was in alignment. Just perfect! So, so happy for you.


  6. In many ways the wee house looks like the tiny house. So you are still keeping your genuine love for small and wood and natural. It will be cool to have the tiny house parked there, either ready for new adventures or just as a reminder that we people are in constant evolution and that it’s okay to change our mind and explore new paths along our journey on earth. It sounds like you are also staying in the same town or at least area, so it means that you also fell in love with the community. Whatever you choose to do with your blog, it has been (and always be) a pleasure to read you. Best to you and your husband in your new nest.

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  7. Having a tiny house or a small house is still a wonderful thing. You have established what your non-negotiables are. And the best thing about a small house….plugging the vacuum cleaner in one socket, and vacuuming the whole house without having to change plugs.

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  8. Congratulations on purchasing your first home and for having room for your Tiny House on your property. It will be interesting to read about the influence that the TH experience will have on your future lives in a conventional home.

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  9. Wow, and congratulations ~ now a little chalet, that is pretty cool. Still, the idea and romanticism that came with the Tiny House is pretty cool – but, when I think about it, 131 sq.ft., yeah you definitely will be on another adventure with this chalet and the half-acre. This is what life is about: do, experience, find another adventure and then go for it. Cheers!

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