Still Here

5 thoughts on “Still Here”

  1. Ah welcome back! I took a break from blogging too for almost four years and just got back only now! I had been following your tiny house stories before we both dropped off the grid. Looking forward to reading some more….as and when you have the time!

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  2. You’re lucky to have the tiny house and a few moments of respite. It’s a joy to have a little one around — and I miss it — but it also has some rough times linked to the experience. You seem to have life balance. And a good attitude. Wishing you all the best.

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  3. Hi Cheri,
    Especially now, I think the tiny house 🏡 can be quite attractive to many. Yours looks quite lovely, especially with little Emilia in it.
    Glad you decided to continue posting.
    💕, aunt flo


  4. 3 years ago I was trying to convert a flat bed trailer into a tiny home. Not ANY progress, and I’m trying to sell my trailer. Did you build your tiny home, or buy it from a company?


    1. A bit of both: we bought the trailer with the foundation already built, with the goal of finishing it ourselves. That never happened and we hired a builder to finish it. It’s all on the blog—was a messy process six or so years ago… I’d have done it differently!


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