Tiny Office

It took three years and a pandemic, but our tiny house is finally my home office. Below, you can see my desk attached to the wall, which swings down to make space if needed. My dad added this table sometime last year. The long bench that I sit on can be moved next to the … Continue reading Tiny Office


We have very rough sketches of grand plans in our heads: ideal scenarios, bigger chess pieces in play, long-term goals. It’s up to us to create that path, which is daunting, but I’m incredibly grateful to have that choice.

Looking forward to 2016 and seeing where the tiny life takes us. Continue reading 2015

Tiny House Worries Aren’t So Tiny

In this 131-square-foot house (that we’re close to paying off, yay!), you’d think there would be less to worry about. We want to live simply and sustainably, we want to free up more time and money to do the things we truly enjoy… I recall the idealistic vision on our About page when we first created this site, which I’ve since changed because, well, it was silly.

I think in time, we’ll settle in as much as we can, but what I’ve realized is this cute tiny house is also a big heavy thing. Continue reading Tiny House Worries Aren’t So Tiny

Like a Child

And so while I laugh at the thought of a tiny house shower, I also think about the items we need for this journey. Solar panels and batteries. A composting toilet. Windows and a door. A wood stove. A water heater. Lots and lots of wood.

Does it matter that we’d be asking for propane tanks instead of diapers? Continue reading Like a Child